My Story

I vividly remember playing softball as a kid – standing at home plate with a bat shaking in my hands while kids chanted, “Automatic out, Storlie’s up!” Humiliated, I’d swing three times and strike out. No surprise that I grew up hating physical activity. As a college freshman, I took a tennis class and was devastated to receive a “C.” Later, as a dietetics major, I decided to knock off my second Phys Ed credit by taking a Nutrition & Fitness course (I thought I could Jean Storlie Photoace nutrition to offset my athletic deficits). This class transformed my life. It was about setting realistic goals based on our initial fitness level. When I started running, I couldn’t make it around the track without painful stomach cramps, but I slowly built to 4 miles. I found a groove and – more importantly – I learned about overcoming failure. Finding a passion for exercise has carried me through my life, and it also redirected my career.

I pursued a graduate degree in exercise so that I could share my transformation experience and change lives. I dedicated 10 years to leading wellness, fitness, and nutrition programs in Wisconsin, Dallas, and Chicago. During this time, I learned that all the facts and knowledge I had couldn’t change people’s lives unless I understood the emotions they were experiencing. I stumbled into stories as a way to inspire lifestyle change.

Eventually my career led me to the food industry where I landed at General Mills and worked for 13 years on both the technical and marketing sides of the business. My knack for distilling complex health content into compelling communications helped business teams drive business growth for consumer brands, like Cheerios and Yoplait. And I used stories in coaching my staff and communicating with business leaders.

Through Storlietelling LLC I design and facilitate highly engaging strategic planning, innovation, and team building processes, which – of course – are infused with stories! I also help a wide range of professionals create meaningful stories for their business and professional communications through workshops and coaching.

My Credentials
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Master of Science in Adult Fitness/Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Myers-Briggs Certified Facilitator
  • Creative Problem Solving Facilitator (certified through the Creative Education Foundation)
My Skills and Experience
  • Strategic planning
  • Group facilitation
  • Storytelling for innovation and leadership
  • Creative and technical problem solving
  • Scientific concept development