2017 Holiday Story: Tale of the Toppling Tree

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The winter sun was setting as Jay and I arrived at the tree farm to harvest our first Christmas tree as a married couple. The farm was a little more primitive than we’d expected. A fog was settling in. The next evening we were hosting a “Tree Trimming Party,” so we really needed to get a tree. Distracted with party prep, we’d put off the tree purchase for too long.

We tromped around snow-covered woods, passing on pathetic looking trees, getting anxious and irritable. Our romantic notion of harvesting our tree was fading with the sun. Eventually, we found a nicely shaped tree about the right size. In the dimming light, we failed to notice the crooked trunk . . . until we got home.

We struggled to set it up. Newlywed stress and squabbles ensued. But eventually, we managed to get it upright. The party was a success. The tree sparkled elegantly with its lights and my collection of crystal ornaments, topped with a crystal-lace angel. Guests enjoyed holiday cheer. Our friend Dan—a single guy—crashed on our couch because the party lasted late into the night and road conditions were precarious.

As we were waking the next morning, a loud CRASH catapulted us out of bed and into the living room. We saw Dan sitting on the couch looking dazed, “I didn’t touch it…” Our beautifully trimmed tree was sprawled across the living room floor. The angel was shattered, but most ornaments survived.

The tree was righted and the mess picked up. Jay invented a more stable stand, which we have used for the last 25 years. Now we always check the trunk structure and shape before purchasing a tree. Never again has our Christmas tree fallen down. While we lost some crystal ornaments in the crash, they probably wouldn’t have survived the years ahead of us . . . a full life blessed with three rambunctious kids.

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