Innovation Storytellers Podcast with Susan Lindner

Cultural anthropologist, brand marketer, and disruptor, Susan Lindner believes that incredible connections change the world. Starting her career as an AIDS educator in the brothels of Thailand, she helped turn former prostitutes into entrepreneurs. Today, she’s an Innovation Storyteller and Founder of Emerging Media, an innovation communications consultancy dedicated to helping innovators and disruptors to create stories that get them the resources, runway, and recognition they deserve.

My co-author, Mimi Sherlock, and I appeared on her podcast, Innovation Storytellers, to discuss our book, Once Upon an Innovation. Our wide ranging conversation reveals the myriad of ways that storytelling can enhance innovation. What’s especially interesting is how a cultural anthropologist, sensory scientist, and dietitian found their way into innovation storytelling. Different paths led us to this field where we discover a lot of commonalities. Our differences shed light on all the opportunities to innovate through story listening and storytelling.


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