Creative Tools & Analytical Rigor

Help your team collaborate to crack the code on business challenges

Consulting Services

Storlietelling helps clients engage cross-functional team members in collaborative processes to solve business challenges. Weaving back and forth between analytical and creative tools, we'll work together to design a customized process that unearths viable solutions. From large projects that require many months to small projects that can be completed a few weeks, Storlietelling can help with:

Consulting Bullets
Logic-Empathy Hands

Story-Based Innovation

People light up and pay attention when you tell them a good story. By harnessing the power of stories to transform how people think and feel, innovators can drive change within their organizations. A project team can benefit from story techniques to enhance creative collaboration because stories help them gain empathy for their target users and see problems in a different light. When pitching ideas and strategies, storytelling approaches can help to persuade stakeholders and decision makers. Whether you are tackling an innovation, communication, or technical challenge, a story-based approach can help you explore both the emotional and logical facets of the problem.

Logic-Emotion Iteration

Jean and I developed a training program for product developers, scientists, and engineers to unlock technical hurdles that block innovation. Jean's creative exercises and analytical rigor enabled R&D team members to drill into the root cause and choose optimal solutions. Jean was collaborative, technically agile, and great fun to work with!  

Emily Riley

Open Innovation Leader, General Mills

We engaged Jean to facilitate the development of a pipeline of products for our Sports Performance line. Not only was the outcome a rich 5-year pipeline, but the cross-functional team is now more engaged than ever—we are able to recognize and utilize each other’s strengths and skills to advance the company's mission.


Jeffrey Kaufman

Director, Customer and Field Insights, Isagenix

Jean has an amazing ability to simplify the complex, bring focus to the big issues, and facilitate team members for an integrated solution.  She is a quick study and a valued member for any group.  She’s also a delight to work with!


Dori Molitor

President, WomanWise