Consulting Services

Innovation_iStock_000044385168MediumTaylor walked out of her boss’ office with her head spinning. The VP of Innovation had requested her leadership on a high-profile initiative. Her charge was to map out the landscape for an emerging health platform to drive growth for multiple brands. She’d have a cross-functional team, but they wouldn’t report to her. Excited and honored! But Taylor was overwhelmed about how to get it all done—along with her other work. 

Storlietelling helps clients, like Taylor, engage cross-functional team members in collaborative processes to solve business challenges. Using analytical and creative tools, we’ll design a customized process to unearth viable solutions. From large projects that require many months to small projects that can be completed a few weeks, Storlietelling can help with:

  • Innovation and Concept Development
  • Creative and Technical Problem Solving
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process and Meeting Facilitation

Story-Based Approach 

People light up and pay attention when you tell them a story. By harnessing the power of stories to transform how people think and feel, innovators can drive change within their organizations. Storlietelling weaves story-based techniques into creative collaboration processes and also to help the team convey their vision and strategy for gatekeepers and stakeholders.

Concept Creator Capability

Storlietelling’s proprietary data-base tool, includes customizable, visual layouts for data input and display. The visual layouts help the team stay focused on the creative side of innovation, while capturing and organizing the details associated with advancing ideas into a fleshed-out concepts. Through sorting and scoring capabilities, Concept Creator facilitates iterative decision-making about which concepts to advance.