Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivating Stories

Learn how to craft effective stories for business
and professional communications

Storytelling Workshops

Capture hearts and minds of your audiences through effective use of stories in professional communications. Storlietelling Workshops can help you and your team create a treasure chest of stories that can persuade and influence others. Participants practice a three-step process to gain skills and confidence in business storytelling. They write and draw stories, then engage in story-listening and story-sharing activities to sharpen their skills.

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Tailored to Your Needs

Storytelling workshops can be tailored to a wide range of settings and audiences including scientists, business leaders, marketing and consumer-insights professionals, health care providers, and sales teams. We'll work together to design an approach to address your business challenge and/or train your team in storytelling skills.

Various formats are available to fit your needs and budget. An introductory 1.5-hour session provides audiences with a high-level overview of storytelling basics along with some practice writing and telling simple stories. The introductory session can also be offered as a webinar. Longer workshops (.5 to 1.5 days) allow for skill development through individual reflection, practice, peer mentoring and group storytelling. These options can be structured as a stand-alone workshop or series of events.

Jean was a mentor with Menttium for many years, so I engaged her to customize a workshop for our local mentor community on how to use storytelling to be a more effective mentor. The workshop was high energy, interactive and relevant. 100% of our attendees reported that it was engaging. Jean is able to take simple concepts and turn them into business relevant skills! 

Missy Chicre

VP Product Development & Consulting Services, Menttium Corporation

Our Supply Chain's data and analytical communication style was not breaking through in our sales-driven culture, where stories win the day. Jean led an awesome session for our leadership team. She helped us build stories to communicate our strategic goals and pushed us out of our comfort zone. We acquired tools to communicate differently. Our leadership team has been implementing the process and seeing positive reactions among both stakeholders and team members.

Tiffany Mecuri

Director of Sourcing, Patterson Companies

Jean hosted a fantastic storytelling workshop for our cross-functional team of communicators at Kraft. Her insights on companies and brands leading in the space, along with practical tips to help us tell better stories, were a huge value to our team. From scientific and nutrition affairs to community involvement and employee advocacy, our diverse audiences and messages will benefit from our work with Jean.

Russ Dyer

Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Kraft Foods

Download Free Tools

Storlietelling Workshops provide tools and exercises to help participants learn through experience. The "Mining for Stories" interactive worksheets are one tool that that helps participants find story gems that apply to their work. Three interactive tools help you explore different paths to business storytelling.

Work and Life Stories

This tool takes you on a walk down memory lane to help you resurrect stories from your life and work. You'll explore the deeper meaning of these "story gems" and determine if they can apply to casual and formal leadership moments.


Brand/Company Stories

When you need to unearth company or brand stories to support corporate or marketing communications, this tool can help you uncover rich stories that share authentic company values. Chanel shares a compelling founder story in their Inside Chanel YouTube video. For inspiration, check it out.

Research and Inventor Stories

Scientists and engineers use this tool to find a human angle to their technical work. The inventor's discovery journey, the people who inspired and helped, consumers/users who benefit, and the heroes who enabled the discovery to scale up from lab to real life contain story gems that can be transformed into memorable and meaningful stories.